Accepted papers

On Three Classes of Division Queries Involving Ordinal Preferences (Paper ID 1)
Patrick Bosc, Olivier Pivert and Olivier Soufflet
Theme Extraction from Chinese Web Documents Based on Page Segmentation and Entropy (Paper ID 3)
Deqing Wang, Hui Zhang and Gang Zhou
Alternative Formulas for Rating Prediction Using Collaborative Filtering (Paper ID 4)
Amar Saric, Mirsad Hadzikadic and David Wilson
Time-Series Prediction on Data Stream using Incremental Hidden Markov Models (Paper ID 5)
Kei Wakabayashi and Takao Miura
Intelligent Information Processing  in Semantically Enriched Web (Paper ID 6)
Pavol Navrat, Maria Bielikova, Daniela Chuda and Viera Rozinajova
Automatic profiling system for ranking candidates answers in Human Resources with Relevance Feedback (Paper ID 7)
Rémy Kessler, Nicolas Béchet, Juan Manuel Torres-Moreno, Mathieu Roche and Marc El-Beze
A Sequential Pattern Mining based Guiding System (Paper ID 9)
Chieh-Yuan Tsai, Ching-Chuan Hsiao and Chih-Jung Chen
An OWL Ontology for Fuzzy OWL 2 (Paper ID 10)
Fernando Bobillo and Umberto Straccia
Discovering Structured Event Logs from Unstructured Audit Trails for Workflow Mining (Paper ID 11)
Liqiang Geng, Scott Buffett, Bruce Hamilton, Xin Wang, Larry Korba, Hongyu Liu and Yunli Wang
An Argumentative Semantics for Paraconsistent Reasoning in Description Logic (Paper ID 12)
Xiaowang Zhang and Zuoquan Lin
GIS-FLSolution: A Spatial Analysis Platform for Static and Transportation Facility Location Allocation (Paper ID 19)
Wei Gu, Xin Wang and Liqiang Geng
Frequent Itemset Mining in Multirelational Databases (Paper ID 21)
Aída Jiménez, Fernando Berzal and Juan-Carlos Cubero
Ensembles of Abstaining Classifiers based on Rule Sets (Paper ID 22)
Jerzy Stefanowski, Jerzy Blaszczynski and Magdalena Zajac
A CBR System for Knowing the Relationship between Flexibility and Operations Strategy (Paper ID 23)
Daniel Arias-Aranda, Juan Luis Castro, Maria Navarro and Jose Manuel Zurita
Interval-Valued Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis (Paper ID 27)
Yassine Djouadi and Henri Prade
Detecting Emotion in Classical Music from MIDI Files (Paper ID 29)
Jacek Grekow and Zbigniew Raś
Elicitation of Sugeno integrals :  A version space learning perspective (Paper ID 31)
Henri Prade, Agnes Rico and Mathieu Serrurier
On computational creativity, ‘inventing’ theorems (Paper ID 34)
Marta Franova and Yves Kodratoff
Discovering Relevant Cross-Graph Cliques in Dynamic Networks (Paper ID 35)
Loic Cerf, Tran Bao Nhan Nguyen and Jean-Francois Boulicaut
Reasoning about Relations with Dependent Types: Application to Context-aware Applications (Paper ID 36)
Richard Dapoigny and Patrick Barlatier
Mining musical patterns: Identification of transposed motives (Paper ID 37)
Fernando Berzal, Waldo Fajardo, Aída Jiménez and Miguel Molina-Solana
Medical decision making through fuzzy computational intelligent approaches (Paper ID 39)
Elpiniki Papageorgiou
Fuzzy Cognitive Map based approach for assessing pulmonary infections (Paper ID 40)
Elpiniki Papageorgiou, Nikolaos Papandrianos and Georgia Karagianni
RaJoLink: A Method for Finding Seeds of Future Discoveries in Nowadays Literature (Paper ID 44)
Tanja Urbančič, Ingrid Petrič and Bojan Cestnik
Modeling Ant Activity by means of Structured HMMs (Paper ID 45)
Guenael Cabanes, Dominique Fresnau, Attilio Giordana and Ugo Galassi
Fuzzy Clustering for Categorical Spaces: An Application to Semantic Knowledge Bases (Paper ID 46)
Nicola Fanizzi, Claudia d'Amato and Floriana Esposito
A Multiple Scanning Strategy for Entropy Based Discretization (Paper ID 47)
Jerzy W. Grzymala-Busse
Modern Approach for Building of Multi-Agent Systems (Paper ID 48)
Łukasz Chomątek and Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda
Quasi-classical Model Semantics for Logic Programs--A Paraconsistent Approach (Paper ID 49)
Zhihu Zhang, Zuoquan Lin and Shuang Ren
Lacking Labels In The Stream: Classifying Evolving Stream Data With Few Labels (Paper ID 50)
Mohammed Masud, Clay Woolam and Latifur Khan
Topic-based Hard Clustering of Documents using Generative Models (Paper ID 51)
Giovanni Ponti and Andrea Tagarelli
Analyses of knowledge creation processes based on different types of monitored data (Paper ID 52)
Jan Paralic, Frantisek Babic, Jozef Wagner, Ekaterina Simonenko, Nicolas Spyratos and Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi
Prime Implicates and Reduced Implicate Tries (Paper ID 53)
Neil Murray and Erik Rosenthal
Top-k Retrieval for Automated Human Resource Management (Paper ID 54)
Umberto Straccia, Eufemia Tinelli, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio and Simona Colucci
Discovering Emerging Graph Patterns from Chemicals (Paper ID 56)
Guillaume Poezevara, Bertrand Cuissart and Bruno Crémilleux
Fast Subgroup Discovery for Continuous Target Concepts (Paper ID 58)
Martin Atzmueller and Florian Lemmerich
Novelty Detection from Evolving Complex Data Streams with Time Windows (Paper ID 62)
Michelangelo Ceci, Annalisa Appice, Corrado Loglisci, Costantina Caruso, Fabio Fumarola and Donato Malerba
Application of Meta Sets to Character Recognition (Paper ID 67)
Bartłomiej Starosta
Relational Sequence Clustering for Aggregating Similar Agents (Paper ID 68)
Grazia Bombini, Nicola Di Mauro, Stefano Ferilli and Floriana Esposito
A New Strategy based on GRASP to solve a Macro Mine Planning (Paper ID 69)
Maria-Cristina Riff, Eridan Otto and Xavier Bonnaire
Efficient MAP Inference for Statistical Relational Models through Hybrid Metaheuristics (Paper ID 70)
Marenglen Biba, Stefano Ferilli and Floriana Esposito
Networks Consolidation through Soft Computing (Paper ID 71)
Sami Habib
Combining Time and Space Similarity for Small Size Learning under Concept Drift (Paper ID 72)
Indre Zliobaite
A Knowledge-based Framework for Information Extraction from Clinical Practice Guidelines (Paper ID 73)
Corrado Loglisci, Michelangelo Ceci and Donato Malerba
Food Wholesales Prediction: What is Your Baseline? (Paper ID 74)
Jorn Bakker and Mykola Pechenizkiy
Boosting a Semantic Search Engine by Named Entities (Paper ID 75)
Annalina Caputo, Pierpaolo Basile and Giovanni Semeraro
FutureTrust algorithm in specific factors on mobile agents (Paper ID 79)
Michal Wolski and Mieczyslaw Klopotek
Visualization trends by RadViz (Paper ID 81)
Lenka Novakova and Olga Stepankova
Logic for reasoning about components of persuasive actions (Paper ID 82)
Katarzyna Budzynska, Magdalena Kacprzak and Pawel Rembelski
Enhancing Constraint Models for Planning Problems (Paper ID 84)
Roman Barták and Daniel Toropila
Similarity and Kernel Matrix Evaluation based on Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis (Paper ID 87)
Vincent Pisetta and Djamel Zighed
Automatic generation of P2P mappings between sources schemas (Paper ID 88)
Karima Toumani, Hélene Jaudoin and Michel Schneider
Detecting Temporal Trends of Technical Phrases by using Importance Indices and Linear Regression (Paper ID 89)
Hidenao Abe and Shusaku Tsumoto
Semi-supervised Text Classification Using RBF Networks (Paper ID 97)
Eric Jiang
Musical Instruments in Random Forest (Paper ID 98)
Miron Kursa, Witold Rudnicki, Alicja Wieczorkowska, Elzbiera Kubera and Agnieszka Kubik-Komar
Action Rules Discovery based on Tree Classifiers and Meta-Actions (Paper ID 101)
Zbigniew Ras and Agnieszka Dardzinska
Statistical Characterization of a Computer Grid (Paper ID 103)
Lovro Ilijasic and Lorenza Saitta
Action Rules and the GUHA Method - Preliminary Considerations and Results (Paper ID 105)
Jan Rauch and Milan Simunek
On Social Networks Reduction (Paper ID 106)
Vaclav Snasel, Zdenek Horak, Jana Kocibova and Ajith Abraham
A general framework for revising belief bases using qualitative Je rey's rule (Paper ID 107)
Salem Benferhat, Henri Prade, Didier Dubois and Mary-Anne Williams
A hybrid method of indexing multiple-inheritance hierarchies (Paper ID 108)
Jacek Lewandowski and Henryk Rybiński
Application of Analysis of Variance to Assessment of Influence of Sound Feature Groups on Discrimination Between Musical Instruments (Paper ID 109)
Alicja Wieczorkowska and Agnieszka Kubik-Komar
A Distributed Immunization Strategy Based on Autonomy-Oriented Computing (Paper ID 110)
J Liu, Chao Gao and Ning Zhong
Semantic Analytical Reports: A Framework for Postprocessing Data Mining Results (Paper ID 111)
Tomas Kliegr, Martin Ralbovský, Vojtech Svatek, Jan Nemrava and Jan Zemánek